our vision and governance

The Farmers & Makers Market at cSPACE is Calgary's largest seasonal community-based Alberta Approved Farmers Market, and we are committed to supporting local farms, producers, artisans and the communities we serve.

Alberta Approved Farmers Markets focus on Alberta made, baked and grown, and are required to ensure a minimum 80% of vendors are Albertans selling Alberta products which they, an immediate family member, a staff member or a member of a producer-owned cooperative or their staff have made, baked or grown. The F&MM strives to maintain a year-round minimum 90% of vendors making, baking or growing their wares within 150 km of the market.

More information on the Alberta Approved Farmers Market Program can be found at www.sunnygirl.ca

Our Vision: Feeding Communities and Culture

We believe that food and craft are an intrinsic, tangible part of our culture, and that communities connect and grow through experiencing and celebrating their local food, craft, art, and cultures together. We respect our differences, and celebrate the places we can connect and build more sustainable, vibrant and connected communities together.  

Feeding Communities and Culture

Every Saturday we’re “Feeding Communities and Culture” through showcasing local food and artisan offerings, providing opportunity to enjoy and engage in cultural and creative opportunities, and also connecting shoppers to the  artists, creatives, educators, cultural organizations and not-for-profit tenants inside cSPACE Projects. 

Community First

The Calgary Earth Market Society and the Farmers & Makers Market at cSPACE is all about centering and honouring community in all of our activities. In all that we do, we strive to build vital and resilient communities of eaters, makers and farmers and to build strong and enduring relationships between neighbours, between entrepreneurs and consumers, and between rural and urban folks. In creating a vibrant market which serves as a gathering place not only for the residents of Marda Loop, but also for the greater Calgary area, it is our mission to feed communities while at the same time respecting the diverse and beautiful community of life of which we are all a part.


Sustainability Naturally

It is our goal to create a market which is socially, ecologically and economically sustainable and to promote organic, ethical and sustainable food products and local producers. By demonstrating a clear commitment to these values, in principle and practice, the Calgary Earth Market Society endeavours to take a leadership role in the local market scene, using the experience gained in Marda Loop to seek growth opportunities in other neighbourhoods and to embed the same vibrant market atmosphere in pursuit of building stronger communities throughout the city.


Honesty Always

The Calgary Earth Market Society will always elevate authenticity, fairness and transparency over marketing, hype and spin. We believe that people deserve nothing less than the real thing and will settle for no less ourselves.


Opportunity Knocks

As an organizer of public places of commerce, The Calgary Earth Market Society is in a unique position to act as an incubator for creative and ambitious entrepreneurs to trial and prove their products. Building on the foundation of a consistent group of local farmers and makers, the curatorial approach of the Calgary Earth Market Society has made us a preferred market for vendors, allowed us to select vendors with high standards for quality and given us the opportunity to broaden the audience for local, organic and sustainable products by educating both vendors and the broader public alike.

The Calgary Earth Market Society (CEMS)

The Farmers & Makers Market at cSPACE is operated by the Calgary Earth Market Society (CEMS),  a volunteer-operated not-for profit established in 2018. Every vendor accepted to the market becomes a voting member of the Calgary Earth Market Society, effectively making the Farmers & Makers Market at cSPACE the only vendor-operated Farmers Market in Calgary.

Community supporters, and other members of the public may purchase annual memberships. To become a member of the Calgary Earth Market Society, download the Membership Form, and follow the steps to submit the completed form along with the $26.25 annual membership fee. 


All CEMS members are eligible to join the CEMS Board of Directors, a hands-on, working board currently comprised of Community supporters and market vendors. The Market is managed by a Market Manager, under the direction of the CEMS Board of Directors.

The objects of the Calgary Earth Market Society, and to which members subscribe are:

  • Contribute to the economic viability of rural and urban small farms and local cottage industries by providing ready markets and creating long term opportunities for them to retail their products at a fair return.

  • Provide consumers with a choice of quality, locally made, baked and grown goods in settings that allow them to interact directly with the individual producers and to thereby foster stronger connections between urban and rural dwellers.

  • Provide viable and vibrant marketplaces which help create a sense of community in the urban neighbourhoods where markets are held.

  • Help preserve rural communities and farmland by fostering sustainable small-scale agriculture.

  • Serve as a practical and accessible medium for public education and mobilization around nutrition, agriculture, sustainability and food policy issues.

For more information about the Calgary Earth Market Society Board of Directors, please click here. To contact the Board, please email: earthmarketsociety@gmail.com