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vision, mission and governance

Established in 2018 as a non-profit society to bring uniquely vibrant Alberta Approved Farmers Markets to Calgary’s urban communities, the Calgary Earth Market Society (CEMS) operates two weekly markets, the Farmers & Makers Market Beltline on Wednesdays in summer, and the Farmers & Makers Market Marda Loop on Saturdays year round. 

Our farmers markets support more than 90 local farms, food producers and craft artisans, over 50 local artists and creatives, and a growing number of non-profit community service organizations each year, who join us in having a lot of fun while being meaningful contributors to a more accessible and resilient local food system, a supportive circular economy, and to more connected, engaged and creative communities.

Our vision: "Feeding Communities and Culture"

We believe that food, craft and creativity are connectors: intrinsic, tangible parts of our culture, and that communities connect and grow through experiencing and celebrating their local food, craft, art, and cultures together. We establish and operate uniquely vibrant Alberta Approved Farmers Markets - places for people where everyone can connect and be part of building more sustainable, vibrant and connected communities together.  

Farmers markets are important $$$$ of our local food system, providing accessible venues for farmers and food producers to get their products directly to consumers


While farmers markets function as direct connectors Essentially, farmers markets are connectors between food producers

Foods we eat, holidays we celebrate, how we create, and perform services, are shaped by the cultural identities of our families and the communities around us. We believe these are tangible and essential 


and how we share these with others -



as tangible. They connect our histories to our future, We believe that traditional foods, art and music are connectors, the ways we 

For many communities, farmers markets are playing a pivotal role in maintaining and enabling these cultural ties.

We believe that food, craft and creative expression

: intrinsic, tangible parts of our culture, and that communities connect and grow through supporting, experiencing and celebrating their local small farms, handmade foods and traditional foodways, craft artisan made goods,




Through traditional foods, art and music, these are just a few examples from over 8,000 markets across the nation that are forging important bonds between our past and our future.

art, and cultures together. We establish and operate uniquely vibrant Alberta Approved Farmers Markets as places for people where everyone can connect and be part of building more sustainable, vibrant and connected communities together.  


Community First

The Calgary Earth Market Society and the Farmers & Makers Market centers community in all of our activities. We create community gathering places where people connect through local food and cultural experiences: Hubs for eaters, enjoyers, artists, creators, makers and farmers that build strong and enduring relationships between neighbours, between entrepreneurs and consumers, artists and audiences, and between rural and urban folks. In creating markets that are participatory, inclusive, accessible and welcoming gathering places for Calgarians, we strive to put everyone in our community first. 

The Future is Here

Farmers Markets support sustainable local economies in the face of global challenges. They provide low-barrier grassroots opportunities to new and small local farmers, growers, home based food-makers, food artisans, handcrafters and innovators to reach their communities, and offer people reliable weekly places in their community to find wonderful locally made, baked and grown necessities - all with the benefit of low environmental footprint and growing a local, circular economy that keeps money in our local communities.


Better Together

We believe that great farmers markets include something for everyone, and that includes a variety of engaging and accessible at-market programs and programming - which, like the market itself, are free to attend and enjoy. By building relationships with other local food, arts & community service organizations, we are able forge partnerships that amplify our collective impact for the benefit of all people in our communities.

The Original Placemakers 

Farmers Markets have been community placemaking events for thousands of years. Today's Farmers Markets have the ability to address contemporary societal and civic needs beyond food-based needs, with positive immediate and long-term benefits for minimal financial inputs. Well-operated Farmers Markets like the F&MM, located in the right public places, with creative and accessible at-market programs, local support and community engagement can:

  • Activate, regulate and positively impact the use of a public space

  • Attract existing and new people to an area, improving vibrancy and appeal 

  • Provide low-barrier income opportunities for local farmers, food-producers, and artisan makers, and employment opportunities for local Artists and community members

  • Contribute positively to agricultural and economic sustainability, and a circular economy

  • Be a solution to a food desert

  • Provide opportunity for connection, entertainment, and enjoyment in a community

  • Be a desirable community gathering place that is free, welcoming and accessible to all to participate in


After 5 years of successful placemaking at the Farmers & Makers Market Marda Loop, our second location opens in Calgary's Beltline at Central Memorial Park in May 2023. hear opportunity knocking and are ready to grow to additional communities in Calgary. 


By demonstrating a clear commitment to these values the Calgary Earth Market Society endeavours to be a leader in local farmers markets, to seek growth opportunities in other neighbourhoods and to embed the same vibrant market atmosphere in pursuit of contributing to communities throughout the city.



The Farmers & Makers Market is an Alberta Approved Farmers Market is certified and administered by the regulations of the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Farmers Market Program, and adhering to the provincial and federal legislation for Farmers Markets outlined in Part 3 of the Alberta Public Health Act Food Regulation, the Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act, the Safe Food For Canadians Regulation, the AGLC, and others. 

Alberta Approved Farmers Markets are the only markets:

  • required to ensure at least 80% of everything vended at the market is made, baked or grown here in Alberta, and being vended by the makers, bakers or growers themselves.

  • required to operate as a not-for-profit and with a minimum number of market days each season to foster equitable market access for local farmers, makers and bakers, and local food access for shoppers

  • legally allowed to vend both home-prepared low and high-risk foods, as all vendors fall under the Market food permit, and the Market Manager's inspection.

  • not allowed to sell used or flea market goods (unless upcycled into "new" items)

  • required to have a  certified Farmers Market Manager

  • required to report to and be monitored by the Alberta Government's Approved Farmers Market Program, and Alberta Health Services 

More information on the Alberta Approved Farmers Market Program can be found at

The Calgary Earth Market Society (CEMS)

The Farmers & Makers Markets are operated by the Calgary Earth Market Society (CEMS),  a small not-for-profit established in 2018 for the express purpose of creating and supporting uniquely vibrant Alberta Approved Farmers Markets in Calgary.


CEMS is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors currently comprised of community supporters and market vendors. The Market is managed by a Market Manager, with the support of the CEMS Board of Directors.

The objects of the Calgary Earth Market Society are:

  • Provide viable and vibrant marketplaces which help create a sense of community in the urban neighbourhoods where markets are held.

  • Contribute to the economic viability of rural and urban small farms and local cottage industries by providing ready markets and creating long term opportunities for them to retail their products at a fair return.

  • Provide consumers with a choice of quality, locally made, baked and grown goods in settings that allow them to interact directly with the individual producers and to thereby foster stronger connections between urban and rural dwellers.

  • Help preserve rural communities and farmland by fostering sustainable small-scale agriculture.

  • Serve as a practical and accessible medium for public education and mobilization around nutrition, agriculture, sustainability and food policy issues.

For more information about the Calgary Earth Market Society Board of Directors, please click here. To contact the Board, please email:

Interested vendors, community supporters, and other members of the public may purchase annual memberships to the society. To become a member of the Calgary Earth Market Society, download the Membership Form, and follow the steps to submit the completed form along with the $26.25 annual membership fee. 

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