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feeding communities and culture

Market days are much more than your weekly shop, they're a welcoming & exciting place to gather, enjoy and experience local community & culture. Every market day is filled things to do, from enjoying great live music from local Artists on the market stage, participating in our free-drop in Kids Arts & Culture Program featuring local Artists leading meaningful arts experiences for young people, or taking part in our monthly beer gardens and seasonal special events.


Come for your weekly shop, stay for fun! Our F&MM markets are always free to attend and enjoy, and are inclusive, vibrant & accessible community gathering places that encourage a sense of belonging and connection for all. 

Our 2023 season schedule will be released this coming May, until then please check out our 2022 season schedule and links to highlights below. If you are an Artist interested in participating in 2023, please keep an eye on our instagram for Artists calls! 

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2022 Market Stage highlight reel

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2022 Kids Ats & Culture Program highlight reel

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