kids arts & Culture Program

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Join us this summer for our Kids Arts & Culture Program at the Market, a free drop-in program for young people 5 and older that provides an accessible, inclusive opportunity to engage in and find connection with the wide world of creative expression! Our goal is to offer a wide variety of meaningful hands-on, interactive activities and introductory explorations facilitated by local Artists, Arts Organizations and local creatives interested in sharing their creative passions with children.  

Each market Saturday will bring a different Artist Facilitator, and a different creative exploration to the Program. Be sure to check our Events Schedule or instagram @farmersmakersmarket to find out what's on! 

Many many thanks to all our Artists Facilitators, to our program partners Jube School and cSPACE Projects, and to our program sponsor Calgary Foundation, without whom this season's programming would not be possible!

Many Thanks to Calgary's Artist community for your interest in facilitating this season, our call is now closed for 2022, and will reopen in 2023!

We're seeking Artists and Creatives representing a variety of styles, disciplines, and cultural backgrounds to facilitate creative engagement activities and explorations for our Kids Arts & Culture Program this season; joining us in creating our smashup of experiential arts and culture activities for young people aged 5 and older coming to the market, as part of our vision of feeding communities and culture. 

Is your jam a poetry slam or word-play with kids? Perhaps it's dance, movement or theatrical expression - or painting, sculpture or fibre & textile creating? It might be folk arts & sharing cultural traditions, musical expression and singing, environmental, horticultural or even culinary arts to share. It could even be creative engagement around social and community issues and connections - our goal is to provide an accessible, inclusive opportunity for young people to engage in and find connection with the wide world of creative expression! 

This is an exciting pilot project for the 2022 season, made possible through the generous support of the Calgary Foundation. Artist Facilitators will be supported financially for their time and materials this season, to test Program viability and establish partnerships which would enable grantable status for 2023.