kids arts & Culture Program


calling all Artists, Arts Organizations, and members of Calgary's Creative Community! 

We're seeking Artists and Creatives representing a variety of styles, disciplines, and cultural backgrounds to facilitate creative engagement activities and explorations for our Kids Arts & Culture Program this season; joining us in creating our smashup of experiential arts and culture activities for young people aged 5 and older coming to the market, as part of our vision of feeding communities and culture. 

Is your jam a poetry slam or word-play with kids? Perhaps it's dance, movement or theatrical expression - or painting, sculpture or fibre & textile creating? It might be folk arts & sharing cultural traditions, musical expression and singing, environmental, horticultural or even culinary arts to share. It could even be creative engagement around social and community issues and connections - our goal is to provide an accessible, inclusive opportunity for young people to engage in and find connection with the wide world of creative expression! 


Do you (or your organization) have programming you'd like to promote, a cause or fundraising that needs awareness, or a place to show and sell your work? In exchange for one market day of facilitation, we offer dedicated social media promotion with a reach of almost 10k, the opportunity to promote yourself on the day of your participation, plus a stall at the market (same day or other) to connect with our 1500-2500 visitors/day without distraction.


Have we sparked your creativity and got your wheels a-turning? That's the whole idea! 

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The details:

  • There are 20 possible market dates to participate in: Saturdays May 28 - October 8, 10am - 2pm.

  • You are invited to join us for as little as one date, or as many as 4, and your facilitation can be half-day (2 hours) or full-day (4 hours), and can be open drop-in, or scheduled at regular short intervals.

  • The experience offering is yours to envision and create - all we ask is that it be appropriate and flexible enough to engage children 5 - 12, and that it be free or pay-what-you-can.

  • We anticipate 75 - 125 young people to participate throughout the day.

  • Participants are expected to be supervised by their parents if under 8.

  • We provide a dedicated space of at least 10' x 20' (tented), with additional space, tables, and milk crate stools as needed.

  • We use your provided images and info to create a social media post and add your creative experience to our website events calendar, with links to you/your organization

  • We can't wait to hear your ideas!


This is an exciting pilot project for the 2022 season, to test viability and establish partnerships which would enable grantable status for 2023. Although we are unable to pay our community builders this year, our hope is that additional opportunities through one-on-one community connection, stall space opportunity and social media promotion provide appeal and suffice as contra for the services and any supplies you as providers desire to provide. If you are a professional artist, our partner cSPACE will consider honorariums as funds allow. 


We sincerely hope you'll consider joining us this season!


Please connect with us through the form below, and we'll be in touch!